Updated: May 1

Not everyone has the opportunity to work with real actors, but it’s possible to find excellent artificial voices. It won’t be the same and may affect how your work is perceived, but it is a good alternative. You can also combine both techniques. So once again, this is a great time to create or connect with teams.

If you are an actor and want to be part of a production, publish a sample of your character’s dialog on your profile page and promote it in the series’ forums or group section. There is no guarantee that you will be selected. If you are, it is up to you to accept or not. You can record your dialog in the language of your choice.

Be bold but respectful in offering changes to the piece. In most cases, actors are not allowed to make changes in their lines, but the freedom to suggest changes is built into this kind of production.

Many computer animation techniques do not require motion capture, but motion capture is the most precise. Motion capture solutions are becoming more widely available but are still out of the reach of low-budget projects.

For those who have access to the technologies, these projects are an opportunity to show off your skills. Perhaps you could join a local team with motion capture equipment and stretch your acting talents if you are an actor.

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