In Your Mind ACT 1

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In 2054, New Breton, a northeastern U.S. city, has a mixture of old and new buildings. Highrise complexes are partially transparent and use energy field technology for walls and windows, making them reflective and invisible. The only part of those buildings not using the tech is the first floor, all with their designs. Though small compared to most cities, it is a vibrant city. However, like everywhere else globally, people generally do not make eye contact or have much interest in each other interacting with their invisible artificial intelligence companions.
Above, a white slick anti-gravity airship is making its approach. It is a private government ship onboard Helen Brown, the Governor's right hand, who is watching a video report.
In the center of New Breton is the IYM building—which is at the heart of the city's economy. Listening to the video narrator, she turns to look at the window. Because of the energy shield, she can only see below what looks like a picturesque country town. Helen smiles, thinking that even hidden technology was everywhere. Like the small, streamlined vehicle hurtles down one of the areal highways tubes. Driving an agitated woman in her mid-thirties while her nine-year-old daughter watches a cartoon, the daughter is oblivious to her mother's distress. The source of the agitation soon becomes clear as we notice an older lady yelling at the mother from the back seat.

The IYM AI product line has changed how we live our lives. The narrator, addressing Helen directly, continues: And we should take a moment to notice that! She almost replied I know! Get to the point.
Down in the park, Sandra and Bro jog next to each other. Sandra is an attractive African American woman who looks to be in her late twenties; Bro is a handsome young man of similar age.
  • I've been working at IYM for six years, and except for the night-shift security guard, I pretty much don't know anyone. Says Sandra, almost out of breath.

He glances at her with a smile, knowing that he's better not be telling her that she should slow down.
  • People don't open up very quickly these days.

  • People need to learn how to socialize again. They're too busy with their A.I. to take the time to connect with other people, even though they realize how much they need it. Sandra stops running and walks. There are limits to giving it your best!

  • How is this a problem? I mean, we're great friends. He replies with a silly grin.

  • Bro, you're an A.I., a projection in my mind! Sandra noticed a tall, athletic man running past them from the opposite direction. Sandra gives him a big smile, but the man doesn't acknowledge her. - See! Real people don't see me!

Looking at the man moving away, Bro replies: - Don't let it bother you. He's not running alone.
  • Of course, he probably has a Swedish A.I. goddess running after him!

This is making Sandra even more upset. Bro turns to have another look, and we see that the man is running with a dog. - German, and it's a Shepard. He says. Sandra stopped giving "the look" as what was he talking about?
  • He's running with an A.I. dog.

  • Great, even an imaginary dog gets more attention than I do! Anyway, I have to get to work. At least there are two people there who know I exist.

  • And who are they?

  • They are the front desk security guard and my boss!

Bro walks right in front of her, blocking her path, and says:
  • Oh yeah! The Adonis landed, Mr. Bray.

She shoves him playfully out of her way to continue jogging.
Back on the highway tubes, the woman disengages the automatic pilot and grabs the steering wheel, making a sharp right turn. We see the car swerving through traffic to pass through the energy tube membrane and plunge, bouncing on the other tubes to crash on the ground and explode!

On the airship, Helen grabs the coffee brought by the stewardess as the narrator goes on.
  • It all started on an ordinary day. Was this an act of a disgruntled woman, a technical glitch, or something more sinister?

Helen peruses photos of similar strange and deadly scenarios, all implicating ordinary citizens who had no history of desperation beforehand.
  • To help the Sheriff solve the case, an FBI cybercrime special team has been called in.

Jeremy, a gangly teenage boy, searches the crowded subway until he sees Karl, another teenager a bit older than him, dressing way too old for his age, playing the self-assured "dude" act. They go and find a more private spot to conduct their business.

Jeremy, nervous as the kid is up for no good, whispering, asks the other:
  • Did you hook me up?

  • Why do you whisper? Nobody gives a shit about other people's business. And then some. I'm the shit when it comes to A.I. tweaking!

  • You're sure my mom won't find out? Jeremy looks around as if someone is watching them!

  • The mods will only respond to your chip. When she checks, it'll just be the same lame-ass babysitter. Are you ready? Hey! I'll do you that solid, and you put a good word in for me to your old man, right? I mean without mentioning this, of course.

Karl is serious, and Jeremy knows it.
  • Like I would tell the V.P. of IYM that my buddy found a way to tweak their A.I. products!

Jeremy turns around and exposes the base of his neck. We can see a tiny little black dot.
  • - Do it! He says.

Karl pulls out something like a jump drive from his coat pocket. He presses it against Jeremy's dot for a few seconds, then removes it.
  • Done! Just activate and enjoy!

Jeremy turns back. - What's her name?

  • Babysitter, what else?! Dude, if I modify the A.I.'s name, your mom will know, and your ass will be grass. Sorry.

The other is disappointed, but he has a point. - Babysitter on! He says.
A beautiful, slutily dressed teenage girl appears by Jeremy's side. She gives him a big smile, and Jeremy is more than pleased by what he sees.
  • Hi Jeremy. I can't wait for us to spend the day together! I mean, take care of your little brother.

That morning, in the suburb, Bud Marlin, the Sheriff, late fifties, shaved head, is sitting at the kitchen table in uniform. His wife, Bet, nice-looking, mid-fifties, is serving him a big breakfast, and she enjoys seeing her husband happy.
  • Wow, Babe! He says, looking at his plate and back at her.

  • Too much? Like she didn't know her man's appetite.

  • No, it's great, thanks! Sit and eat with me. He pulls the chair near him.

She takes place and pours herself a cup of coffee. - I'm just having coffee, trying to shed a few pounds.
  • I love your curves. They're in all the right places.

Bet smiles, take a sip, then reply. -Sometimes, I think you just say stuff like that to make me feel better. But don't stop, I like it. Bud, I'm thinking of looking into something.
  • Yeah?

  • The kids are gone, and, well, I'm bored. I thought maybe I'll get back into nursing.

He's so into his meal that he doesn't hear her. She gets upset and slaps him on the shoulder.
  • Bud! I'm talking to you!

Bud's bracelet lights up, and he quickly taps on it; a small floating holographic window pops up. On it is Philip Warp, the late thirties, chubby, Bud's deputy. - Bud, you better get over here. Some serious shit's going down!

As he stands up, Bud responds. - Watch your language, Phil!
  • Sorry Mrs. Marlin. Says Philip.

  • Heading out now. Fill me in on the way. Looking at his wife on his way out, Gotta go, Babe, call ya later.

He leaves without kissing his wife goodbye, and she's not happy.
At the same moment, a woman whispers in her husband's ear in the upper part of the city. - Wake up sleepy. It's time for you to get ready for work. The man opens his eyes with a smile.

The couple's room is a serene, welcoming area with fine linens and delicate oak furniture. Their walls are covered with tasteful paintings of rural landscapes, where they have often taken walks together. Samantha Bray, a forty-something woman with flaming red hair and green eyes, leaned against her husband, Stephan Anders, who stretched and turned around.
  • Ah! my favorite alarm clock. Stephan softly replies.

She smiles and gets out of bed. - You better hop in the shower, Stephan. I let you sleep in a bit. You're running late.

Shortly after, he walks into the kitchen; the morning sun bathes the room. It looks like we are floating in the sky; the floor is a projected image of slowly moving clouds. Sam is standing by the kitchen counter beside the coffee maker. Stephan walks in, looking a bit dizzy, and he's swaying, looking down at the floor of endless sky.
  • Sam, you know I'm not too fond of this program. It's making me dizzy. Deco Tile, please.

The floor changes to black and white tiles. She giggles.
  • I know. I couldn't help myself. You look like Jimmy Stuart in Vertigo; so cute.

He doesn't reply as he walks to the coffee maker.
  • Well, as long as you're amused.

He serves himself a cup of coffee and looks around in surprise.
  • No breakfast?!

  • No time, there's a message from the office. They want you there ASAP. She kisses him on the cheek and walks to the window, looking at the view of the city skyline; they are very high-up.

  • They're going to keep you late again, aren't they? She asks.

  • Probably. I'll link with you so you won't feel left out or quell any suspicions that I might be having an affair.

She turns around with a big smile. - That's the least of my worries, sweetie.
The ship lands smoothly besides a row of identical aircraft. The door opens, and a stairway deploys, easing onto the tarmac. At that exact moment, a black limo pulls up to a stop. The passenger door opens, and Alisa Estabon gets out. She's fit, donning a black suit with an FBI badge on the lapel. She is the youngest FBI agent in her division with a superior I.Q. She walks toward the airship as Helen Farber descends the air-stairs.
  • Welcome to New Breton! I just arrived myself.

Helen goes to shake Alisa's hand.
  • Alisa Estabon, I presume?

  • You must be Helen.

The two women proceed to Alisa's Limo; Helen doesn't waste a moment.
  • This case is of the governor's highest priority, and we must act fast if we want to prevent an all-out panic. First things first, we need to determine what or who caused this.

  • I suspect it's directly related to IYM's A.I. system.

Helen stops and looks at Alisa authoritatively as they are about to get into the car. - If I were you, I would refrain from allegations until we have all the facts.

Alisa nods in agreement. They get into the car.

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