Kumando Squad "The Succubus return" ACT 1

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Space isn't the final frontier. There are many other types of worlds to explore, including parallel universes and other dimensional realms. But traveling to these new territories proves treacherous; it is often fatal to humans. It became imperative to develop a way to solve the problem and level the plane with the other species.

It was not only a question of traveling back and forth from those worlds but of protecting ours! It's important to remember that not everything is black or white; something can be good or bad! For example, evolution might bring about the demise of one species while simultaneously helping another species to survive. Making first contact is a complicated process.

When the mid-twenty-first century finally arrived, the secret about aliens on earth was no longer a secret—it became part of our everyday life. Before we knew it, the neighbor could be blue-skinned with yellow eyes and a lover of Earl Grey tea! It is hardly surprising that a technological boom followed, and it didn't take long for us to catch up with the other species and start innovating!

Most alien races use a technology called Remote Body Shell, or RBS. This technique connects your mind to an artificial body that requires less care than your natural body. If something happens to the shell, the pilot's mind returns to its original host. There are several types of RBS, and they are used in all sauces. People are slipping into new hot bodies—known as Techpup—to experience a variety of trills, some innocent, but some not so much.

Of course, this caught the attention of the military, and their scientists have developed a variety of military Techpup, ranging from giant fighters to microscopic models.

One RBS Series is The Kumando Squad, with the mission to travel into dimensional and parallel universes.

Kumando is a rare breed of Techpup that can adapt to any environment and even shapeshift. What also differentiates them is that the pilots share the body shell with an artificial intelligence that always stays within the body even when the pilot's mind is away. The Kumandos is a unique symbiosis between humans and AI, and nothing is stronger than the bond of a pilot and the Kumando!

I am General Kog, and I am leading the Kumando Squad.

This is our story.



When the Third World War began, humanity was introduced to the Galactic Alliance of Species. This peacekeeping force never invaded our planet—they just stopped it from causing irreparable damage to the universe with an atomic war.

We were forced to adapt to rapid climate change reshaping the Earth's topography. Our destructive tendencies had to be muted, and we had to work together on a new system. Many alien races from other systems helped us, but they let us fix our mess. They are not our guardians or saviors, and their intervention was as much about protecting themselves as it was about protecting us. Many species are annoyed by humans and would prefer to eliminate the problem altogether. Who can blame them? We're not exactly easy to deal with.

As part of GAS—an ironic acronym, considering fossil fuels almost caused our destruction—we must respect its interplanetary law codes. Unlike our ancient pantomime world governments, GAS is not joking about the rules. None who violates the treaty will be tolerated; assimilation and dispersion are the only options for those who break the treaty! We certainly have no chance of winning a war against them!

However, they don't intervene in managing our affairs on Earth or human colonies. Habits, even bad ones, are die-hard, so while our lives have improved in many ways, we still have a problem with corruption. And we are not the only species facing this social challenge. We say that people who share similar interests will often be drawn to one another.

The Kumando headquarters hides in plain sight under the Statue of Liberty, now at the center of the artificial Island of New Manhattan by the coast of the North American district. There are no more countries, but districts with an administrative council selected part by an AI system and the people based on the candidate's knowledge and experience. The military system is central, with one common goal protecting the planet and ensuring that we respect the treaty. Even if there are fewer layers of secrecy, they still exist. One such layer is Kumando Squad.

I and all of the Kumando Squad didn't officially exist, and we were ghosts in the system. Only a few of the GAS knew of our existence and mission.

Today we detected the formation of rifts between dimensions. In contrast to parallel universes that obey the same physical laws as Earth, dimensional realms exist within separate dimensions and could represent a significant threat.

Day one of operation Succubus eight-thirty, central Kumando Command staff kitchen, Pandora, the team leader, is preparing a coffee already in her transfer suit. She is an expert in logistics and spends most of her time studying known alien species. Another team member walks in. It is Louis, and unlike Pandora, he's still wearing his loose city civilian clothes.

  • Damn! You are already ready to go!

He turns to face her, only to find her staring back at him disapprovingly. You are not! she says, taking a sip of her coffee with a hint of bitterness.

  • Did you even ever taste real coffee? Ignoring her remark, he continues. I sense that something is seriously wrong with this mission.

Louis had paranormal abilities that have been expanding thanks to alien techniques steadily. Few people would have guessed that this muscular man was hypersensitive.

  • No shit, dude! Which of our mission was not weird? And yes, I did taste real coffee; this is why I miss it so much. But seriously, what are you getting?

  • Extreme negative energy, fear, and it is not mine before you ask.

  • I was not going to. Get a juice or something and get ready for transfer!

She leaves the room. Stepping out, she spots Janis, also part of the team. She is ready for transfer and is talking with a female reptilian analyst showing her the latest data on a holographic screen. The reptilian feels Pandora looking at them and turns around to look at her. There is a certain tension, but Pandora doesn't let it show as she walks to them. She knows that reptilians can sense emotions and even read human minds like most alien species. Reptilians of all the species were most like humans in many ways—both able to experience the best and worst. To be fair, Pandora had the same apprehension for some humans.

  • So what do we have up so far? Pandora asks, looking at Cyper, the Reptilian.

  • It is hard to isolate the rift formation. They are small, only lasting a few minutes, and we're not sure how big they get. But we did manage to record the dimensional vibration frequency. They also appear only at nightfall.

  • Is it one that we are familiar with?

  • No.

Janis cut in. - I don't think that they are of a natural origin.

She points out the incursion spots on the map, all in heavily populated areas.

Cyper pulls out a dozen of the health department reports.

  • The Health Department has received over thirty-something cases of hysteria followed by extreme fatigue in the last night alone. No physical reasons were found. Only five patients survived, and they were hybrids.

  • Their alien DNA had made them more resistant. Replies Pandora while studying the files. - The survivors had Ebees DNA.

She turns and looks at Cyper. - Some of your species can feed on the lifeforce of other species? This is just a question, not an attack.

  • I know, and yes, there is a tribe that used to perform this ritual, but no longer. Also, it takes time; this is happening very quickly.

  • And it is moving fast! Janis points out the map.

General Kog comes to join them. He looks at his Digi-pad, then back at Pandora. - The Kumandos have been transferred to the dimensional frequency and are already sending us troubling data. Kiro is waiting for you and the rest of the team in the transfer room. Pandora, this is not just another mission; it is the moment that we are showing GAS that we mean business and can not only take care of ours we can contribute to the alliance!

Transferring your mind into a Kumando is like being propulsed to the sun and back in an instant ending up within someone else body. Then you are overwhelmed by a rush of new sensations coming from this new body. As you start to set in, your brain slips as your AI counterpart log in.

The youngest team member, Kiro, is the localization guru, quickly determining the parallels linking both dimensions. If you travel to another dimension, you will be in a different world; this new world exists in the same space as the one from which you started. Using the localization coordinate, the headquarter can follow the team and determine temporal movements as time moves differently for all planes.

In their Kumando bodies, they are standing at the edge of a cliff. The sky is a dark purple with no sun or moon but still radiating a weird soft light. Behind them is a dense forest of long shady pine-like trees smoothly moved by a gentle breeze. They are lighter, barely touching the ground. It is almost like being on the moon. In front of them, below the cliff, a large, flat empty plane goes as far as the eyes can see.

  • Activate body camouflage. Says Pandora. - This place should be without sentient life forms.

As their camouflages are activated, what only we can see of them is a faint shimmer.

  • When we arrived, there was remaining energy displacement. Says Pandora Kumando. There is also no trace of life other than some vegetation.

  • Something is crossing from this plane to ours, and it is deadly. Janis looks around, searching for energy signatures.

  • I have already scanned the area. Says Janis Kumando.

  • There is life, but it is hiding deep in this weird forest. Louis looks behind toward the dark woods. - And they are terrified!

  • Do you think they are aware of our presence? Ask Kiro.

  • It is not us that scare them.

  • I am analyzing your mental waves. They are showing primitive but structured intelligence. Add Louis Kumando. We should investigate.

  • I believe that below is connected with New Manhattan. I need to align the map, and it will help us determine the probable location of the next rift formation.

  • Fine Kiro, me, and Janis will survey the sector. Pandora rises from the ground, followed by the others, all going their ways.

Back at headquarter, Kog meets with Alaris, an emissary of the Pleiadeans species, also known as the Nordic. Like most of his kind, he is standing by the door, way taller than a human, with light blond, almost white long hair, pale skin with delicate features, and bright piercing blue eyes. Kog never liked the Nordic, and they reminded him too much of the mad Nazi Arian vision of the perfect race. Somehow, he couldn't put out of his mind that maybe they were behind the myth. He knew that the man could read his feelings but didn't care. Sitting at his desk, he was looking at the incursions map.

  • I'm afraid I don't have much time to chat unless you can help us identify and stop whatever is behind those incursions.

  • I looked at your data, and I think that I may be of help. That is, if you can tolerate my repulsive presence?

  • Well, Alaris, we don't have to like each other to work together.

Alaris would have smiled, but this may have infuriated Kog. He also knew that the doubts about his species were not without good reasons. Like some other species, the Nordics had been interfering with human society for quite a while. But this was not the time to reminisce!

  • Please take a seat!

  • If you don't mind, I think what I have to say should be in the presence of your tactical team?

Kog, after a moment of hesitation, agrees, and they get on their way to the tactical meeting room. Even if the Squad had members from other species, Kog always felt uncomfortable with such visits. Why had GAS waited until the last moment to show up? They had been coming to Earth for a very long time. Should transparency be on both sides unless they had some dark secrets they rather keep buried?

As they walked along, Alaris noticed the architecture of the place. It was unusual for a military installation to pay attention to interior design.

  • I have to say that I am impressed and surprised by the design of the place. What is it, Russian Constructivist?

  • Steampunk.

They enter the tactical room unnoticed as all agents concentrate on their tasks. Kog taps his hands to get their attention.

  • Ladies, gentlemen, and omnigender, please follow us to the conference room.

Everyone stands and proceeds to the room without a sound.

  • Again I am impressed!

  • For what?!

  • By the way, your team responds to your orders.

  • We are in a military command center, not a college seniority.

Kog leads the way to the conference room.

It was a forest like no others! Louis, in mid-air, moved slowly among those trees so dark that they almost looked calcinated. He takes a moment to analyze their structure. The readings show activities, but it doesn't register as life. Such results were not unusual in a different dimension. It will take time for the system to recognize this plane life vibration. He can sense multiple presences now watching him.

  • They are watching us.

  • I am going through multiple frequencies. Reply the Kumando.

  • How about using my mental frequencies?

  • Great idea! Processing now!

Then a flash hits him as he can see below dozen moving outlined silhouettes. Then the environment starts to morph to reveal colorful and vibrant scenery!

  • This is amazing! Scream Louis.

  • I believe that this forest is under a protective cloak.

  • Then we are not dealing with lower lifeforms.

  • No, we are not, and they can see us even with our body camouflage. Look down!

Louis looks down to see small humanoid creatures about one meter high with purplish skin and large pink eyes, wearing dark cloaks with hoods covering their heads.

  • Louis to the team, we have found an indigenous species.

  • Are they aware of your presence? Ask Pandora.

  • Yes, they are. But so far, they seem pacific. And it is not all; they live under a protection cloaking field.

  • I sent you the frequency to adjust your environmental filters. Add Louis Kumando.

  • Should I try to communicate? Louis, still floating above them, keeps a safe distance. They are looking at him with no apparent fear.

  • Initiate telepathic contact. Says Pandora.

But before Louis even have the time to try, they become agitated, running in all directions. The wind hurled Louis out of the wood and onto the ground in the blink of an eye.

End of Act 1

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