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Updated: May 1

Music and sound effects are the glue that binds a story into an experience we’ll never forget. Libraries of music and sound effects might be available, but they can’t compete with the original music, and sound effects made explicitly for your project. This is the point in a project when teamwork is most crucial.

Throughout the project "Celest Episode 101", musical development is also a creative exercise. Read our notes to understand what we require from the series’ musical theme—as if you were listening to a conventional director.

In considering the series' themes, one should first address the central premise of a series that deals with paranormal and magical beings; one should also address the 1920s period. When supernatural forces are at play, we should hear a distinctive sound. Remember that Ruby is a famous singer and stage performer who is also very dynamic. Gabriel is reserved and cautious.

Most sound effects are obvious, but one scene requires particular attention. The first scene is the one that provides special challenges.

As the station activities are hidden from view, we have to feel them through the sound environment.

We encourage you to use various theme ideas and not include too much-unrelated material.

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