Set Dressings

Updated: Sep 2

If the production designer creates the overall look of a film’s sets, the set dressers complete his or her vision. “The devil is in the details” means that many things that appear simple or straightforward are actually very complicated. A great example of set designs is the Harry Potter films series.

When the films began to take off, fans became attentive to every aspect of production--from the scripts to the plus-detail. The minutiae became a source of debate and speculation for the fans.

Set dressing is part of the storytelling.

Get into the story and the characters’ relation with the environment. Be mindful of what you bring into the set. When working in a professional setting, prop masters, and set designers must always be ready to explain their choices.

Nothing is entirely unimportant. If you want to become a professional, you will have to learn how to work with other people.

You may do things your way in the beginning, but as time goes on, you’ll have to allow others to have input into your work and be willing to compromise.

One of the benefits of virtual production is that, unlike real life, you can make

anything you envision into a reality.

That said, it’s essential to keep in mind the technical requirements of your project. Have options for resolution, polygons count, textures.

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